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Lazy Days of Summer!

As summer gently flows on come and have some fun at the Village!  Our archaeologist interns are busy guiding tours at our dig site, our new tech project, Connecting the Past to the Present, has begun.  We have an awesome time-lapse video in the Archeodome, showing part of this summer's recent dig.  Two new monitors have been placed on the ramp overlooking the digsite, each showcases primitive skills.  They are fascinating to watch.  Children are enjoying the Kids Dig - they really like getting a free arrowhead!  And Moms and Dads are learning along with the kids how to throw a spear using an atlatl.  Our dig this summer revealed some very interesting artifacts from a lodge that had burned down.  Archaeologists uncovered six bison scapula hoes from the interior of the lodge.  Stone tools were recovered from this lodge four years ago.  That these tools were in the lodge when it burned down tells us that the fire was not a planned event.  The bison scapula hoes have been left in situ for everyone to see.  The stone tools are part of an exhibit, Fire in the Village, in the Archeodome.


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